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PostSubyek: COMBAT HAWKER GUIDE!!!   Wed Apr 30, 2008 4:53 pm

(sorry pake inggris.. dapat dari forum luar)

Ok, so you think you want to make a combat hawker. You like seeing
the face of your enemy as you lay your final blow. You enjoy seeing the
"miss miss miss" popping above your head as the enemy helplessly flails
its arms or weapon(s) at you. You've come to the right class.

If you didn't already know, a combat hawker is a hawker that uses
what the NPCs call "battler weapons." These weapons include katars and
dual wields. Both these weapons can have a slightly variable stat build
in order to be a specialist in either. Katars typically attack faster
than Duals, but deal less damage. Dual have much higher attack power,
but attack slower and don't yield the high critical attack rate that
the katars do.

ZOMG What different stats do I put in?!?!

Let's start by simply explaining what the different stats are.

Strength - STR is responsible for your max HP, carrying weight, plays a factor in defense, and STR is also obviously responsible for physical damage of quite a few close range weapons

Dexterity - DEX is what gives your character dodge, running speed, bow damage, damage with some close range physical weapons, and damage with various long range weapons; DEX is a hawker's best friend

Intelligence - INT give you magic attack, magic defense, max MP, and umm... thats about it... hawkers don't really use this

Concentration - CON governs gun damage, HP/MP regeneration rate, HIT rate, accounts for about half of launcher damage, raises success chance of craft ... and thats all i can remember; mildly important

Charm - CHA raises monster aggression towards you, raises
rewards for different quests, and rumored to raise the maximum number
of monsters or other summons you can manage, raises drop rate of quest
items (rumored to raise drop rate over all); hawkers don't use much CHA

Sensibility - SEN raises your critical rate, raises skill damage, increases the quality of crafted items... all i know of; crit is VERY important for katars

As a hawker your main stat will be DEX so you can freaking dodge,
and as a bonus you gain attack power from DEX, moreso if you are a
katar user. Katar damage is based primarily on DEX. The ratios for
melee hawker weapons are like this. Katars are 60% DEX and 40% STR,
where Duals are 47ish% DEX and 53ish% STR. Dual weilders require a lot
more strength in order to maximize damage potential, and when setting
maximum damage as your goal, a dual weild hawker will begin to behave
slightly like a soldier, not as much dodge but more STR based defense
and max HP. Where katar users are more about dodge, as their weapons
utilize DEX a lot more.

CON is not as important as hawkers get a very nice self-buff skill
called "Hawker Spirit" which adds a nice chunk of HIT rate. This skill
alone can allow you to almost completely avoid using any stat points on
CON at all. At level 64 I have about 41 CON and with Hawker Spirit, I
rarely miss yellow monsters. ***update*** At level 85+ I am still
hitting yellows on key with still only 40 CON and level 8 Hawker
Spirit. This skill is priceless!***

Sensibility is the source of critical power, which is a very
important thing if you use katars. In order to make up for the
relatively low attack power of katars, having a damn good crit rate
will raise that damage quite a bit. I recommend keeping your SEN on an
equal level with your STR as you progress. Keeping an even ratio of
1:2:1 (STR:DEX:SEN). ***theory update*** I think CRIT rate is actually
your CRIT/2 or perhaps some other constant. With about 80-90 CRIT I
crit a lil under 50% of the time. So I am assuming CRIT/2 = crit rate.
This should mean 200 crit or 200 SEN should give you a constant crit
stream, or damn near it, being a theoretical 100& crit rate.***

Firstly, for those who are unaware, skills don't magically appear
like they do in some other games. In ROSE you must buy the
corresponding skill book to gain a skill. The Mayor of Junon and some
soldier guy in the center of Zant sell them. When you buy one, you
double click it in your inventory and it will consume the skill points
to gain the level 1 of that skill and then you have it.

MASTERIES!!! I think in any class or job it is important to
get your masteries first, max them out. This will give you enough bonus
damage to get a head start in the monster hunting aspect. Combat
Hawkers have two masteries to worry about. Both of them are listed as
"combat mastery", which is confusing. Both do fairly different things
though. You can read what each does by right clicking the image of the
skill in your skill tree window. One of them will boost the attack
power of katars and dual wielding weapons. The other boots the power a
small amount aand increases attack speed 1 point per level. Each of
these masteries will open up a new string of skills you can aquire.
Masteries are mandatory!

Rest Mastery No... waste of points. Restorative items like
meat and jucie are so cheap anyway... i mean... It's just a waste in my
opinion. I think it's a prerequisite for some Scout skill... but You're
going to be a Raider... Useless

Now you have a choise on attack skill. There is Heavy Attack and Double Attack.
Both have relatively the same damage and cost the same MP. Heavy attack
does one strong attack while double attack does two attacks about half
the strength of heavy attack. I chose Heavy Attack, but higher level
hawkers and raiders are telling me that's a mistake as the Raider
version of Heavy attack is incredibly weak compared to the Raider
version of Double Attack, Triple Attack, which does one more attack,
and more damage than the other. So, if you are looking ahead, Double
Attack may be a wiser choise, but I do not yet know for sure. Much needed, one of them. Both, optional.
***additional info*** I was told by some high level raider that double
attack turning into triple attack is better for high SEN characters, as
the SEN effect on skill damage applies to each attack in the combo
resulting in higher total damage than heavy attack. A shame... I'm high
sen hahahahaha, oh well skill reset please. Triple attack at level 9
and 10 has a chance of stunning your target. Heavy attackon the other
hand is a fast casting skill which does not interfere with the higher
attack speed of the katar. I honestly think this is to be thrown up to
your judgement.

Gradually increase Hawker spirit (self-buff, hit rate up) as
you level up (every 5 or so levels). As a Hawker you have access to 8
levels of Hawker Spirit. You do not need all 8 levels so early on, so
gradually increasing them gives you time and room to gradually increase
your attack skills. I cannot stress the importance of this skill
enough. Adding a bunch of CON will not save you skill points here. It
will only cause you to loose dodge. Consider this a dodge mastery.
Using this allows you to put hard earned stat points into more dex or
strength than CON.Mandatory.

SCAMPER... is purely optional. Scamper is a self buff which
increases your movement speed. Eventually at level 50 you have access
to Carts so using Scamper as a purpose to travel faster becomes moot.
Though during battle, scamper gives you the ability to move from one
enemy to the next faster, in turn leveling faster. Why not just use the
cart? When you get into your cart, all buffs on you disappear and will
have to be recasted when you get out, this is a waste of MP. Scamper is
also useful in parties when your support muse or other member gets in a
tight situation and needs help asap. The split second you saved running
there with scamper as opposed to regular running could save a life.
****I will also mention, with use of scamper for most katar users who
have high DEX, at higher levels your M-SPD will increase with your DEX
and eventually you could ditch carts all together. With level 5 scamper
and all my dex at level 86 I have nearly 1000 M-SPD, first engine cart
is 1050 I think.Optional.

SPIRAL KICK! (requires scamper level 5) Do a spinning kick
which damages all surrounding opponents in a radius of 6 meters. I do
not have this skill, because I do not believe in it's usefulness or
value. It is a skill which its damage is based on your magic atack.
Sound strange? it is... it makes no sense... cause you're kicking, but
it is based on magic attack. You are a Hawker with no reason to have
magic attack... so the damage from the skill is minimal and it costs a
lot more MP than it's worth. I'd rather simply kill things off one by
one. It's a rare occasion when I get mobbed anyway. I'd rather use a
charm. Crappy skill.

86 I have level 5 spirit heart and don't regret having it. Do not be
fooled by the idea of it being "based on magic attack". Here's what
happens when a skill is based on magic attack. It uses your "attack" to
judge the damage it will do, and then the monster must have magic
defense to block damage. So you do not need INT. THe add-on that this
skill can cause an enemy to significantly lose attack speed is nice. A
nice skill after all that does decent damage too. should think about it

Screw Attack! Makes you spin around horizontally like a
drill and pound your enemy. As a Hawker you have 5 levels available to
you. This skill does high damage AND has the chance to lower the
enemies defense, which is awesome. It costs as much as Spirit Heart and
has much more impressive results. This is a great skill to start a
fight with a yellow or orange monster, as turning it's defense down is
a great way to start the battle in your favor. This skill is definately

Optional skills are skills I think are based on preference of the
user. I know nothing of bows. I carry a spare bow for the purpose of
hitting boss monsters first or to finish of an enemy running away in
pvp. I don't have bow masteries, don't plan on getting them.

What about gear?

Here's a quickie on gears. You should be able to do fine on NPC
bought gear until 30. At low levels you won't have enough dodge anyway,
so no point getting pricey gear or being picky. But I will go ahead and
give you some things to look at.

The primary gear of the combat hawker is 7/7 gears. WHen you
see someone hollar 7/7 in chat, it means it is a piece of gear that has
+7 strength and +7 DEX. That alone is practically +7 dodge and +6-10
attack. That's nice. Imagine having a full set of that gear. All that
bonus dodge, mmm.... extra HP... extra attack....yeah. But this isn't
the only gear combat hawkers love.

15/2, 15/3, 15/4 gears are also quite popular, especially amoung
lower levels. You gaine 15 attack, flat, which is a nice chunk. And you
gain 2,3 or 4 of some other stat. Find a 15/4dex gear, grab it, thats
nice. But usually these gears do not add to any significant dodge or
HP/defense bonus. It's just the attack power flat out, so lower levels
use them to hit really hard really early to get those levels really
quick. Bow hawkers would probably get more use out of these than combat
though, as we need as mucch dodge as we can get. If a bow hawker is
good enough, stuff is dead before it gets to them.

Those are the two main stat sets combat hawkers use. There are
other less popular ones that I'm not going to get into right now.
Otherwise, if you cannot afford these gears, as they easily run 300,000
zuly all the way to the millions, don't be afraid to be satisfied with
a piece of gear with nice dodge or perhaps a small STR or DEX add on.
You really shouldn't be worrying too much about how l33t your gear is
until level 50 anyway. Up to 50, it should be smooth sailing.

Dodge on gear. A lerge large chunk of your dodge rate will come
from the amount on your gear. It says in the item description how much
dodge it has. I'll tell you now, in the eyes of a hawker, anything less
than 15 at (0), you wouldn't even want to wipe your ass with. Oh, the
(0)? What's that? On equipment, sometimes you see a (x) with soem
number in it. This is the refinement level. This shows how many times
it has been refined. Sometimes monsters drop gear that is already
refined one or twice or even 3 times. Everytime something is refined it
gains dodge, defense, durability, and other stats. Everytime something
is refined though, it will require more items to refine it again. So if
you see a piece of gear with (2) on it, but it only has 17 dodge...
it's not that great, cause anyone can gain anywhere from 1 to 6 dodge
per refine, based a lot on luck, and the quality of the refining items
you use. So that 17 dodge was anywhere from 5 to 15 before it was
refined, and as said, anything under 15 sucks. AGAIN, dont worry about
all this till around 50, its not a huge deal until then. Anyway, theres
the gear section

What the hell gems should I be considering?

The main Hawker jewels are Garnet (DEX up), Daimond (ATK up), and Peridot (ATK-SPD up).
I firmly believe katar hawkers should be working on maxing out attack
speed, so peridots all the way. The more attacks you get in means more
damage. Dual Wielders may not find much benefit from peridots as their
attack speed is already fairly slow (compared to katar), so in my
opinion a garnet would find a better home in Dual weapons.

***update***Diamonds are a no. I am now level 85, and I have never
been happier than with my garnets. You get attack from them (not as
much as diamond) but you get so much bonus dodge. I almost feel
invinsible in B3 with 300 dodge right now. Scratch my mention on

I also think that Peridots may even grow old for even katar hawkers
by time they become 80+. So much benefit comes from garnets it's not
even funny. At early levels, I think katars are best suited with
peridots, as that is before your dodge is so critical, but when you
start making higher level gems with artisans, go for garnets. I got a
big fat garnet in a pair of duals right now and in my la reine ring and
a less fat but still nice garnet in an earring. +38 DEX from garnets...
thats a hell of a bonus. 220 DEX at level 85 right now, nice.******

You can affix jewels by dragging and dropping them on your socketed, equipped weapon or jewelry.

Which is better, Katars or Dual Weapons?

It is a matter of preference and how much STR you have in relation
to DEX. I am not going to sit here and dictate what weapons people
should use or should not use. Please think for yourself. Try them both
out and see which one you like better. They both do almost the same
damage over time, simply Duals provide stronger, but less often hits,
and Katars give weaker more rapid hits. It's all preference.
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PostSubyek: Re: COMBAT HAWKER GUIDE!!!   Wed Apr 30, 2008 9:23 pm

hmm, ini sih bukan kontribusi. klo bisa dibaca dulu terus dicerna, abis itu di terjemahin dong. itu gunanya forum ini.

masa sih

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PostSubyek: Re: COMBAT HAWKER GUIDE!!!   Sat May 03, 2008 11:50 pm

Laughing xixixixixixixi..... kemarin2 niat ny se gitu... tapi apa boleh buat.. niat kalah ama ke malasan... wahahahahhaha.....

ok de...
ntar wa perterjemahin dolo baru kirim lage...
sementara ini dolo...

tunggu yg selanjutnya.. wa tulis dalam versi indo..
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